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Privacy Policy

Information we collect and how we use it:

  1. We may collect name and email address in order to send periodically the Gender at Work newsletter.
  2. The data supplied by you will be processed in order to deliver the service mentioned above.
  3. The data collection and processing will be carried out electronically.
  4. It is mandatory to provide the requested data in order to allow the fruition of the service. The refusal to provide the data involves the lack of access to the service.
  5. The data controller is Gender at Work, at its 1881 Steeles Ave West Suite #420 Toronto, ON M3H 0A1, Canada. The name of the responsible for privacy will be indicated upon request.
  6. Cookies policy. A cookie is a small amount of data, which includes a unique identifier that is sent to your computer browser from a website’s server and is stored on your device’s hard drive. No other third parties’ cookies are sent to you by our server. On Gender at Work( and Gender at Work Institute’s ( website, cookies record information about your visits for statistics purposes only. Our cookies do not contain or retrieve personal data. No other info are being collected. You can modify your browser’s default cookies acceptance policy. Just check out instructions within the “help” functions of your browser.
  7. The treatment of data takes place at the aforementioned organisation and will be handled only by the staff to that authority upon request. The data will not be communicated to other subjects.
  8. At any time you may exercise your rights towards the holder of the data processing operations, according to art. 7 of this privacy policy document by sending an email to or by registered letter or parcel with advice of delivery. According to , the person interested by the processing of personal data may obtain at any time confirmation of the existence of his/her personal data, to know its origin, verify its accuracy or request its integration, updating or correction, cancellation or suspension.

Personal Data Treatment Brief - Web

Dear Visitor,

Following the enactment of GDPR regulations, Gender at Work, “data controller”, is obliged to provide certain information concerning the use of personal data.

Preliminary information
The information systems and the software procedures in charge of the operation of this website acquire, during normal activities, some personal data that are implicitly transmitted when using Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected for being connected to the identified persons concerned, but their nature may allow to identify the users by processing and combining it with data held by third parties. This category of data includes IP addresses or the domain names of the computers of the users connecting to the website, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used when submitting the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in reply, the number code indicating the state of the reply given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relevant to the user's operating system and information environment. These data items are used only to get anonymous statistical information about the use of the site and to check its correct operation. Data could be used to ascertain responsibilities in case of hypothetical computer crimes affecting the site.

When a visitor accesses our website, one of our cookies is activated and temporarily stored on the visitor’s computer. This allows our website to recognize that computer every time it connects to the site. The type of information we collect through cookies relates to the computer that connects to the site and includes its IP (Internet protocol) address, the date and time of access and areas visited within our site. This information is collected for statistical purposes and to send visitors information of interest on our services. The data items collected also make it easier for the visitor to navigate our website. Most Internet browsers are configured to automatically accept these cookies. However, visitors can configure their own browser in such a way as to be advised that they are going to receive cookies and refuse them if they want. Please note that, in this last case, the accessibility to certain areas and services of/on our website can be limited or delayed.

Copyright on website content
All documents, images, trademarks and other published and reproduced material on the and website are the property of Gender at Work, or have been given permission of use by third parties, and their public reproduction is prohibited. No responsibility is assumed in relation to the published content or to any use by third parties and to the possible consequential viruses resulting from access, interconnection and downloading of material.

Third party websites
This privacy information is only valid for the and website. Gender at Work cannot be held responsible for the privacy procedures that apply to other websites operated by third parties, which are accessible via links on the site. In order to protect our users’ privacy the company recommends reviewing the privacy information applicable to the websites of those third parties to determine how they use the acquired data. If you use the and/or websites, you accept the terms and conditions of this privacy information. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this information, please do not use the site. Sending emails, optionally, explicitly and voluntarily, to the addresses listed on the sites and/or involves the acquisition of the sender’s email address, necessary to respond to requests, as well as other personal data included in the email and in its attachments.

Data provided voluntarily by user visitors
Sending personal information, optionally, explicitly and voluntarily, to access certain services or to make inquiries to the addresses listed on this site involves the acquisition of the sender’s email address, necessary to respond to such enquiries, and any other personal data included in the message.

Data provided voluntarily to register at the learning hub i.e.
Your data i.e. personal info, contact details and any other details pertinent to your registration and use of the platform will not be circulated beyond the purpose meant to facilitate your use of the platform. If you opt for a course or updates, your contact details will be utilised to send you newsletters, updates about the course, new courses and other important information related to or Your private information however will not be circulated and will only be accessed by gender at work staff, course facilitators and the IT team, if necessary.

Email information
Any information contained in the emails sent by Gender at Work, including any attachments thereto, is confidential and may be lawfully reserved. It is intended for the exclusive use by the recipient and any disclosure, copy, distribution or reference is forbidden and may be considered as illegal. If you receive an email from Gender at Work by mistake, the sender must be promptly informed and the email destroyed, including any attachments thereto. Transmission by email cannot be considered as safe or free from mistakes, because the information contained therein may be intercepted, damaged, lost, destroyed, delayed or incomplete, or even contain viruses. Therefore, Gender at Work will not be held responsible for any mistakes or omissions in the emails. Should a formal examination of the contents of the emails sent by Gender at Work become necessary, the recipient is kindly requested to ask for a paper copy thereof. If you do not wish to receive any more emails from Gender at Work, you can ask for the cancellation of your personal data by sending an email to the following addresses: or

Source of data and treatment purposes
The personal data in our possession are collected directly by individual clients/users and/or their collaborators, or in the forms specified in the websites managed by the Data Controller. The personal data are treated for the purposes of Gender at Work’s daily activities:

  1. For any objectives connected to the management of current and future business and commercial relations.
  2. For any objectives connected to obligations under any statutes, regulations, EU and Canada legislation, and related to provisions given by authorities legally empowered to do so and by regulatory and supervisory authorities.
  3. For any objectives connected to our activities for which you may give or withhold your consent, i.e. for educational, logistical, managerial, operative, statistical and commercial purposes.

Some of this information is collected by way of cookies, i.e. strings of data which are stored from a website on your computer and sent from the browser to the site every time you access that site. Most websites use cookies because they are a sort of label which allows the site to “recognize” a browser when it comes back. Data treatment, except for sensitive data included in CVs, will not concern personal data considered as "sensitive", i.e. which could reveal health state, sex life and religious choices.

Data treatment methods
Data will be treated using instruments suitable for guaranteeing security and confidentiality and may be carried out by way of manual and automated instruments (both IT and telematic) suitable for memorising, managing and transmitting such data. We inform you that your personal data will be treated in compliance with GDPR regulations, which provides, inter alia, that such data are:

  • treated in a lawful and correct manner;
  • collected and registered for established, explicit and legitimate purposes;
  • precise and, if necessary, revised;
  • pertinent, complete and do not exceed that necessary for the purposes of treatment;
  • kept in a form which permits identification of the data subject for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed.

The data collected can only be accessed by the staff in charge of their treatment, in compliance with Articles 12-23 of the GDPR regulations. The data items are treated and kept for the whole business relation and even following the fulfilment of any legal obligations or for future commercial purposes.

Categories of persons to whom data may be communicated
We inform you that the personal data that you will provide or those that will be acquired during your relationship with Gender at Work may be communicated to financial authorities, social security organisations and public law-enforcement authorities whose duties are strictly connected to and therefore essential for our activities. The data may be communicated to certain public or private entities that can access the data in compliance with legal provisions, and GDPR regulations, within the limits set forth therein. Your data may be communicated to Gender at Work’s employees, professionals and collaborators, and to any persons in charge with the management and entertainment of the IT instruments functioning under the responsibility of the Data controller of the data treatment, as well as any professionals that you may appoint to the extent necessary to perform their duties. Your data will not be circulated.